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Home design is very personal. We prioritize listening attentively to each client, taking into account their needs, desires, and aspirations for their ideal living space. Our objective is to create homes that are both timeless and beautiful, perfectly tailored to each client. In every design we undertake, we integrate interior elements and architectural details with integrity. This commitment extends to using only the finest materials, ensuring a classic and refined feel that guarantees the longevity of your design.

While our design team possesses a distinctive style, we also embrace the essence of each client’s unique personality in every space we create. Your home will reflect your individuality, creating a deeply personal environment that showcases the enduring beauty and exceptional qualities for which The Fox Group is renowned.

Our team’s attention to detail is second to none.  Although the large furniture pieces receive much of the attention we strive to set ourselves apart by focusing on the small details in each space to ensure nothing is forgotten or unnoticed.  The palette chosen for each room is of utmost importance and evokes the feelings the client wants for each space.